Art helps the growth development of children

Art helps the growth development of children

Children love to get messy, build things, create things and sometimes create  unintentional havoc.

Did you know that art of any kind will not only keep them occupied but it also  helps with their growth development? Crafting is more than creating a mess or  what we refer to it as their beautiful art that we save for many years.  My        daughter is 19 and I still have her artwork from when she was a baby.  From her  little love notes that made no sense at all, stick figure people and everything you  can think of. 

Crafting is beneficial for their minds, little souls and it makes them happy.  After a long day of work, many times the last thing we want to see are messes all of the  floor or the dinner table.  I promise you, all those messes will be worth it in the  end. 

Children get excited to create and show it off.  Now imagine if they are sharing  that experience with their friends, classmates, siblings or even their parents.   Crafting in a social environment helps them with social development because  there is no judgment from their peers or parents.  We as parents get excited whenthey are excited about what they have accomplished.  

When you craft with your child or they craft with other individuals, they are also  learning how to accept other people's perception.  It gives them the opportunity to appreciate the differences between their ideas and creative art.  

Group sessions teach them how to share things and work together.  Sharing is  caring as the famous phrase goes.  They also learn how to accept responsibilitiesuch as cleaning up after themselves.  They will also learn how their actions will  affect others whether it is because they did not do their part in cleaning up or  because they said something about someone else's art that hurt them or made  them feel good.  Not all actions learned are bad.  

Group art encourages relationships and trust with one another.  Crafting of any  kind helps your children coordinate their thoughts and motions which a key step  to development.  

Did you know that crafting actually impacts the brain's neural connections.  Brain development and psychological development involve continuous interactions between a child and the external environment which is why crafting in a social settings is so important.  Learning anything such as crafts or the developmental growth that comes with it allows the brain to organize and reorganize. Different parts of the brain learn at different times.  

Crafting explores many aspect of the brain as well as coordination and mobility.  It increases their senses and deep thinking.  Art encourages fine motor coordination such as drawing, recognizing and understanding the difference patterns, dressing & eating.  It allows them the opportunity to learn the difference between abstract and reality, making observations about the world and forming mental representations of what is real or imagined.  

Crafting develops comprehensive thinking capabilities through the interaction of complex thought.  Believe it or not dance and theater spark creativity and get their bodies moving.  Children then tend to become more conscious of their physical presence and use of space.  

Crafting helps with their bilateral coordination which requires your child to use both their hands together.  This is a skill used for tying shoes.  Drawing, playing an instrument and writing provide physical benefits by helping them gain control over the small muscles in their hands.  

Creative art teaches them self regulation.  Many crafts require self control and patience for crafts as they require a long drying time.  

Crafting of any kind is actually one of the best self-esteem boosters you can utilize to help encourage positive outlooks about themselves.  It offers them a  sense of accomplishment and pride. 

The number one benefit from crafting is the bonding and fun you get from it when you do it together as a family.  When you spend time together you create a bond and have fun together.  

Art is essential for your child's development, especially if mental or behavioral  issues are present. 

Art in general soothes the soul, heals the spirit, and has many developmental,  mental and emotional benefits.  The topic of creative art is so immense that I am going to break it up into several articles.  By the time I am done, I will have every single family member running to get art supplies.

Art becomes a way of LIFE.  It serves as MEDITATION & a STRESS RELIEF.   

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