Crafting helps to improve the lives and spirits of Senior Citizens

Crafting helps to improve the lives and spirits of Senior Citizens

A study published in the journal of aging studies used participants who were between the ages of 60-93.  They identified 6 features of successful aging:

1. Sense of purpose 
2. Interaction with others
3. Personal Growth 
4. Autonomy 
5. Self-acceptance
6. Health 

You can review this study in depth by visiting the site:

Many Senior Citizen Homes 

encourage crafts in their facilities.  Crafts helps to alleviate boredom.  It keeps their minds busy & helps prevent feelings of depression.  It also helps with cognitive abilities & concentration. 

Crafting provides a sense of purpose.  It gives an opportunity for Seniors to socialize.  It may elevate a person's level of playfulness & stimulate their sense of humor. 

A sense of purpose is significant for Seniors.  Once the responsibility of having a career, raising children or running a household are lifted, Seniors can develop depression or uncertainty
about their purpose in life.  This feeling can affect their overall well being & health.  Doing crafts gives them a sense of pride with what they've created & they are excited to share their handmade projects & some even give them as gifts to their loved ones.  

Crafting promotes dexterity in a setting that is fun, casual & social. Creating craft projects can be beneficial for older adults with memory loss, & those who need to manage stress or pain. 

For individuals living with advanced memory loss, according to the Art Therapy Institute, artistic activities can be a way to
communicate & offer Seniors an opportunity to be expressive.  In some instances the perceived barriers created by Alzheimer's or dementia can be overcome, & an older adult may paint something from memory about a favorite place or loved one.  

You are never too young or too old to craft.  

Take your parents or grandparents to paint parties or any other group event and help to expand their horizons & yours.  

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