Crafting is proven to increase your happiness.

Crafting is proven to increase your happiness.

Crafting provides a sense of pride and accomplishment. It provides feelings of enjoyment.  If we look into the archives of General Psychiatry, it is suggested that people suffering from depression are lacking Dopamine.  Dopamine is a chemical associated with the reward center of your brain. 

Crafting is considered a non-medical way of stimulating dopamine, which ultimately makes you happy. 

How is crafting beneficial to children, individuals with disabilities and so on? 

Crafting is beneficial to Children who are abused often have a hard time expressing themselves.  Crafting is a powerful stress reliever and relaxation aid.  Often during therapy sessions, abused children are asking to draw pictures to help therapists gain access to their feelings & fears.  It provides children with a unique form of expression, communication & release.  Crafting becomes their outlet.

Craft therapy is used as a part of therapeutic rehabilitation for disabled individuals, people with special needs, the mentally disadvantaged & those with substance abuse problems.  

I spent 2 summers volunteering at Camp A.N.C.H.O.R. in Lido Beach.  Not only was it an amazing experience, it offered a variety of classroom settings for children & young adults.    

All the activities were fun & the environment was beautiful & peaceful believe it or not.  They used all forms of craft therapy or as they call it craft classes.  I believe all this combined along with the staff helps to create a long lasting happy & healthy environment which is why it always has such a long waiting list.  

Crafting overall is an important factor of life.  Pediatric occupational therapy uses crafts to help children fully participate, achieve at school, at home & in the community.  There are a number 

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