How crafts help ease the pain for Cancer Patients

How crafts help ease the pain for Cancer Patients

Crafts & Cancer Patients

How crafts help ease the pain for Cancer Patients 

Medicine cures the Body but art heals the spirit.

The National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Association has found that creative arts can mean the difference between pain & comfort. 

Art has the ability to affect the body physically when your mind is active & you're doing something you love that makes you happy.  Your pain levels are lessoned.  Your mind is occupied & focused on something else so you're distracted from the pain & your condition.  It reduces anxiety as well.  

Cancer patients can suffer from depression & fatigue.  By allowing yourself to free your mind from your current state & focus on fun activities, your changing the way you physically & emotionally feel.  Many cancer patients love what they create so much that many turn what they do into a business.

Mancy cancer patients turn their sales into something more valuable by donating what they earned to help other cancer patients with in-kind donations or they create fundraisers in order to give back.  This experience gives them a sense of pride, accomplishment & a sense of purpose.  

There are 3 things you can do to help create a happy & healthy environment for you or those suffering with cancer. 

1. Help to create a safe space, an area they or you will feel comforted & relaxed so you can create.  Creative therapy is a form of mediation  While you're crafting you can pay some meditation.  Music also known as spa or soft trance is great to help set a relaxing mood.  If the room is too bright, either dim the lights or light some candles that are placed in water to avoid issues.  I place all my candles in water to help avoid fires.  

2. Start an art journal or write poems for self expression.  Instead of writing, draw your emotions.  Pinterest has tons of ideas for craft projects specifically dealing with cancer.  Craft projects are considered to be an untapped source of creativity.

3. Enjoy what you're doing.  The value of art therapy is not the end product, it's how you feel during the process that matters most.  

The Artist Within offers art classes to Cancer Patients.  It is located at 86 East Rockaway Avenue, Hewlett, New York 11557.

Cohen's Children's Medical Center - Child Life & Therapy Program

In order to participate in the program you must call first.  718-470-3005
The program is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Memorial Sloan Kettering - Art Therapy Open Studio Program

This program is for all current and former patients.  The Art Therapy Open Studio is open every Tuesday from 10:00 - 4:00 pm

Kravis Children's Hospital - Mount Sinai Programs

1. The Child Life Zone offers a therapeutic & educational play environment for pediatric patients & their families. 

2. Kidzone TV - a state-of-the-art interactive production& internal broadcast studio. 

3. Paws & Play supported by Petsmart charities.  It is the facility dog program which pairs animal-assisted therapy with skills of a certified child life specialist to provide therapeutic interventions for patients & families.




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