Aviator Sports and Events Center

Aviator Sports and Events Center

Aviator Sports and Events Center

Open All Year Round

35 Foot Rockwall, Public Skating, Max Flight Roller Coaster, Sky Jumper, Arcade,  Sports Complex, Party Rooms and Sports Bar.

5K Specialty Runs - Blacklight Run, Color Run, Mud Run, Blacklight Slide (Water  Slides), Night Nation Run for Cancer and many more. 

We have gone to the Aviator Sports and Events Center for a few years now and every time we go, we have a great time.  

We love the 5k specialty runs.  Every time we go, we have gone in big groups.  We have a ball.  No one really goes to run.  We go with a big group of family and friends.  

Make sure if you go that you sign them up on the same team.  For those who tire out and do not want to walk the 5k, you can always go back to the stage area to enjoy live music.  They set it up like a festival with lights and fun festivities.  

If you do not do any of the 5k events, you can go during the day and enjoy all the fun activities in the center.  You will be busy for hours.  

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