Discovery Cove, Orlando, Florida

Discovery Cove, Orlando, Florida

Discovery Cove, Orlando, Florida

Discovery Cove is only a few miles from Walt Disney and across from Sea World.  It is in a great location and when you walk in, you feel like you are on a tropical island.  In order to swim with the Dolphins, you must be 6 years old.  All visitors are able to interact with large and small stingrays and many other beautiful sea creatures.  

The best thing about Discovery Cove is that it is all inclusive from the food to the keepsake photographs.  Be sure to book your time slot in advance because they go fast and you will lose your opportunity.  The rates will vary by season.  

My family and I went a few years back and upon entering Sea World, the site is breathtaking.  It is beautiful with a variety of plant life.  It was an experience that we will never forget.  Since everything is included with the purchase of your ticket, you can relax and keep your bags and personal items in your locker.  

Take lots of pictures because this is something you want to reflect back on visually.  I went with my parents, a friend and my daughter.  Unfortunately, there were only two slots left to swim with the Dolphins so I gave up my opportunity to do so and in exchange gave my slot so my dad could do it with my daughter.  I can't lie, I was a bit jealous but I was so happy that they could experience that opportunity together.  

They looked like they had a grand time and there was nothing but smiles and laughters.   

For those that cannot swim with the Dolphins, you can snorkel with the massive stingrays and gorgeous fish.  The stingrays were so big I sort of freaked out.  I laughed at myself for freaking out and my family laughed at me as well.   My dad is a certified diver so you would think I would be use to all this. 

There was definitely a lot to do and an experience you must try at least once in your life.  When we went we were able to get the best deals through American Express.  At the time if you purchased the tickets through them at a discounted rate, you were also given FREE tickets to Sea World that were valid for one visit for a time duration of 7 days.   

Make sure you look around for the best deals.  



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