Kittatiny Campgrounds in New York

Kittatiny Campgrounds in New York

Kittatiny Campgrounds in New York

3854 State Route 97, Barryville, NY 12719

No Cabins, this is for real campers.  Adventure Center is right next door.  The campgrounds are along side the scenic upper Delaware River in the Catskill Mountains.  This camping grounds offers canoe, raft, kayak, paintball, river trips and dual ziplines.

I have camped at Kittatiny twice and although this campground does offer very small cabins, this campground is more for real campers who camp out in tents.  They have so much to do on this campground.  This truly is for nature lovers.  They give you the option of having electricity and water or nothing at all.  Thankfully for those who are not truly rugged, they have bathrooms and showers for you to use.  You can either be by all the attractions or deep into the woods. 

Although I love camping, I go luxury camping haha.  It sounds funny but I can't stand insects, do not want to sleep on a low inflatable mattress or cot. Yeah I am one of those girls who want to be as far off the ground as possible. 

I own a 10 person camp for 2 people which is my daughter and myself.  We actually take a small table to put inside with LED big lamps we purchased from Costco's that also have a USB charging outlet to charge your electronics.  I could care less about keeping myself glued to the phone but I have a teen who can't seem to live without hers. 

Our mattress is a twin size double high bed.  We purchased our mattresses at Target and our tents we have purchased at Walmart and Target.  They have many different styles.  Sears has some great deals as well. 

We buy most of our camping supplies at Dick's and Walmart.  Definitely invest in a small portable fan if you are going in the summer.  You need to also purchase a good tent with side netting to prevent the bugs from getting inside when you are trying to eat. 

Do not invest in those cheesy bbq's because Coleman has the best camping supplies.  We are Coleman fans for sure and they have great products that actually last.   


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