Travel Savings - It pays to invest in AAA

Travel Savings - It pays to invest in AAA

When you finally decide to travel the first thing that comes to mind is how can I save money.  No one wants to pay full price for their trips.  Here are a few ways to save money.  
As a single mom of a teenage daughter, I am always in search of great deals.  I want to be able to provide a fun filled amazing vacation on a budget.  

One of my most valuable finds several years ago happened to come from my dad who is a long time member of AAA.  For those that do not know AAA serves as a safety net for those driving vehicles.  If you need your car towed, locked yourself out the car, need a boost or need a flat fixed, AAA is your go to company for assistance.  What many people do not realize is that AAA is not only for your vehicle.   The savings go above and beyond your vehicle.

Becoming a member of AAA has several benefits.  It does not matter which membership package you use, the benefits outside of the vehicle are still the same.  You can use your AAA membership for amazing savings hotels, flights, car rentals, sports, shows, theme park tickets and discounts in stores.

I bet many of you did not know that.  I know I have had many conversations with people and they never knew of the additional benefits.  I am not a salesperson for AAA and I could do without the long waits when I actually need them but I am a fan of the discounts.  In truth, I am loyal member of AAA more so for the discounts only.  I use the card for just about everything.

I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of money I have saved using the card.  AAA's only downfall is not advertising the benefits offered.  For instance, did you know that you can get the savings coupon booklets at the Tanger Outlets for FREE when you present your AAA card.  Usually you have to spend about $5 to $10 for the booklet just to get coupons.  Now, I am not sure if that makes sense to you but I can't see myself spending money to save money.  There is no logic in that (my personal opinion).

Many major stores such as New York & Company, Hertz, Circuit City, Target, Payless and many more local and national retail stores.  The discounts vary for each store but I have yet to find a place that will give you less than 10% off your entire purchase.

Another plus side to AAA is having the ability to work one on one with their agents.  They have agents for insurance policies and travel agents.  I actually saved $600 a year working with one of their agents to help find the best car insurance policy.  Not only is the policy less expensive but it is also better than my previous policy as I was able to upgrade.

I have also worked with many agents for traveling and the savings are incredible.  There are times when the hotel savings are better than the AAA savings but you have to do your homework.  If you really want to save money, AAA is the way to go and with the amount of money you save, the membership per year pays for itself.

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