Encourage Your Kids

Encourage Your Kids

Kids are so creative.  We just have to open our eyes and watch their every move. It can easily be missed but when you recognize it, it can be an awesome ride to something beautiful.  Kids love silly things like playing with sticks.  They build sandcastles and forts on the beach on a beautiful summer day.  They take your phone and start taking tons of pictures of anything.  They take play dough and make figures, faces, animals or anything else they can think of.  Children color in and out of the lines in drawing books and draw stick figures which can lead to some of the most amazing artwork you can set your eyes on.  They play dress up and dance around the house.  They take your make up and come up with some of the funniest faces they feel is remarkable even if their eyelids are rainbow and lips are black.

Kids overall are built with a talent gene.  Of course, this is my own opinion but one I strongly believe in.  Kids want to learn, play and be inspired by anything around them.  They want to get their hands on anything.  Even cooking is a form of artwork.  They create with their hearts content.  If you see their love for creation, feed it, nurture it and watch it grow.  SO WHAT if you spend money on things they may not use later on, for that moment they are into something wonderful and they love it.  It may lead to nothing or it may lead to what will and can be the beginning to their career.  I can’t tell you the amount of things I have purchased or the amount of money I have spent on my daughter because she loved something at that time such as baking goods and beading.

Working with so many talented kids as a volunteer for both KR3T’s (www.kr3ts.com) dance group and Xmental Inc. (www.xmental.org), I have seen some very amazing kids do some incredible things.  Both organizations are non-for-profit and they give back in ways you will never comprehend.  They build character and bring to life the passion within these kids to achieve great things.  Art in its many forms is beautiful and can’t be neglected.  Some of the most talented people were dreamers.  They made the impossible possible.  Think about it… when you look at magazines, you are in awe of the images… it takes more than just a photographer to bring about such talent.  Sometimes it takes models, clothes, makeup artists, hair stylist, backdrops, a team to help set up, creative ideas to help bring it all together, someone to help pose people and so much more.  In all cases, it is developed and brought to life by individuals who have a creative eye and are able to put it all together.

If you really explore artistry in more ways, think about what it takes to build homes, offices, parks, etc.  It takes creativity and talent and obviously skills you obtain by going to school.  Overall my point is some of the most important things this world offers us is developed by those who continue their love of the arts.  This also includes dancers and artists (including graffiti artists).  I wish I could share with you all my experiences with these talented kids but I will leave you with one thing…. Don’t push your child to give up something they love because you do not see the purpose of it, or you do not see it as being a good paying “career”.  Let your child explore the world through art if they love it.  Let them develop their personalities and become masters of their own destiny.  You can always encourage them to do other things but do not let them give up on something that can help shape their lives.  Explain to them that they can have a career doing something else but they can also keep their love of the art and develop it.  

I went to college, graduated with Honors with an AS in Criminal Justice.  Member of Phi Theta Kappa.  I went to school full time and during which I also worked full time, volunteered my time working with the above mentioned organizations and I am a full time single mom.  When I tell you anything is possible, it is and my drive to succeed to set that example.  In doing all this, I never gave up my love for creativity.  I love everything about Criminal Justice and most of the children I worked with were troubled kids looking to better themselves and lead different lives but my overall passion is the arts.

It is extremely important to encourage your children to be great, to be talented and to be themselves.  It is even more important to teach them to believe in themselves even if no one else believes in them.   Help them develop their self-esteem by telling them “can’t is not a word” and nothing is “impossible”.

Thinkers create alternatives to what can’t be done and what may be considered impossible to do.  

Design, Create & Bring To Life.

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