What are dream catchers and how to do you clean them?

What are dream catchers and how to do you clean them?

Dream catchers represent the circle of life such as the sun and moon rotate each and every day.  The dream catcher web is a symbol of protection and is meant to trap the good dreams to avoid nightmares while catching bad dreams within the webbing during the night.  It is said that when the sun rays hit the webbing once the sun rises, your bad dreams would be destroyed. 

Dream catchers are meant to make the possessor of the dream catcher happier and more balanced.  This is a great tool in traditional Feng Shui.  Hanging them over the bed is the ideal placement.  

Dream catchers are great gifts.  By gifting a dream catcher, you are giving them the gift of peaceful sleep and positive energy.  

Dream catchers need to be cleaned too.  Much life crystals and other energy absorbing tools, your dream catchers are meant to be routinely recharged in order to keep them efficient.  

Get a bag large enough to fit the dream catcher.  Make sure to pour a generous amount of either baking soda or salt in the bag.  Place your dream catcher in the bag and shake the contents.  Make sure all the parts are thoroughly coated with either the powder or salt and remove.  

For those who do not believe in dream catchers as energy absorbing tools, you can swish your hand in a bowl with water and soap.  Wash one small area by hand in the soapy water and test to see if the dyes (if any) come off in the water.  Be careful washing the feathers and other embellishments.  If you do not see that the dream catcher is getting damaged by your washing, them wash the entire dream catcher. 

How to clean your dream catchers?

At some point dream catchers can become dusty and absorb odors or residue from the air.  It is always a good idea to clean your dream catcher every few months in order to keep them clean & continue to protect your dreams.

Wet Method:

Fill a bowl with water and some dish liquid. Create suds and wash a small are of the dream catcher in the soapy water test. If no dyes come off in the water & the feathers do not appear damaged, wash it by dipping each section in the soapy water & rub it between your fingers, then rinse it off. If the dye comes off or the feathers are damaged due to soapy water, use the dry method.

Dry Method:

Put your dream catcher in a large bag, pour a cup full of salt or baking soda & shake the bag to coat the entire dream catcher. Let sit for a few hours or overnight, remove from bag & shake it off outside or wrap vacuum hose with sock and vacuum off the powder. Repeat process until dirt or odor is absorbed by the powder.

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