Eco-Friendly Kitchen/BBQ/Camper Accessories

After all that occurred in 2020 and 2021, the meaning of family took on a whole new meaning and people have learned to appreciate the value of family.  Obviously family can consist of friends who you have taken on as your real family as well.  

The point is, people are know appreciating moments where you sit down at a table and talk while eating.  People are now gathering in kitchens because you enjoy the company. Setting your tables was once a time of the past but has now become a present trend.  Decorating the table because now we are all eating together as one unit instead of spreading ourselves out in different rooms as though we were strangers.  

We are here to make create beautiful place settings for you and your loved ones to enjoy while chatting, laughing, eating and creating memories for years to come.  We are here to help create an ambiance for you to enjoy.  

Our Kitchen Towels and Pot Holders are great for any kitchen.  We know that many people do not have a handle for the ovens because of the size and/or location so for some of our kitchen towels we have added an additional loop in the back so you can hang them up on a knob or hook.  Our listings will include a description of the item so you know which ones have the additional hook. 

Our Coasters, Placements and Napkins are a great addition to any home, campers or outdoor settings. 

Our Table Runners and Casserole Hot Pads are great too.