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Hair Scarf


You will fall in love with our hair scarves.  They are cute, colorful, functional, and practical.  You will never want to walk out without wearing one because they fit all styles and add flare to your wardrobe.  Did we say they were stylish and “practical”!

For those who love wearing headbands, this is a more comfortable way to wear one.  You simply wrap around your head and tie it up in a knot.  It’s simple and easy and you will look beautiful.    

You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our headbands.   Keep your hair pulled back or keep it cute with a headband that will stay put.  This means you can have messy hair and still look cute.   They are soft and comfortable and that is what matters most.  How many times do you have to take off your headbands because they are giving you a headache?  With these you control the tightness and the style, and it will hold all day. 

Our headbands are not harsh on your ears and you adjust them the way you want it.  When you wrap the headband around your head, you tie a knot and secure it in place.   


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