Kits and Subscription Box Sets

We will carry a variation of fun and exciting surprise bundle kits and an incredible Princess Bow Subscription Gift Set.  Our subscription box is listed as a short term subscription.  You can order up to 3 months or one order at a time.  You can purchase it as a gift for birthdays, etc.  

Subscription Gifts are great because we do not want our customers to feel obligated to any long term subscriptions.  If you want to continue receiving them through the year, all you have to do is purchase the amount of months you wish to receive them. You can order them in 3 month subscription increments or on a monthly basis.

Our Princess Theme Surprise Gift Box is jammed back with 4 amazing items that add up to and or exceed the $20 price tag.  Each month will be a different theme through the year.  Be sure to message us the child's age.  Some months may include one or more extra items.  


Headband Kit - Are you into creating the ultimate headbands using the most fabulous fabric flowers, embellishments and FOE, Nylon Headbands or hard headbands.  We created the ultimate headband making kit.  It is filled with all types of goodies and worth over $25.00.  We are not cheap with our items and we do give you great items you will truly love.  We package each individual set of items so that nothing is tangled.  Some months may include one or more extra items.  

Hair Accessories Kit - This is great for DIY projects and/or moms and kids who love making hair accessories.  These bags are filled with all different types of items to help you create headbands, hair pins, hair combs, hair clips and bows.  With this packet you will be able to make several different items.  We packed a punch with this one because we are filling it with some amazing embellishments and items you will need to make many gorgeous items.  Since this is such a hot package, we added different price packages that may fit your needs.  Our packets start at $10.00 and go up to $25.00.

Crafting Fabric Flowers Ultimate Kit This is an awesome package as it will contain a variety of fabric flowers in all a large variety of colors, sizes, shapes, etc. We have so many beautiful flowers to choose from.  You will never know what you will get, but we will not disappoint you. Our packets may include additional bonus embellishments.  That is the beauty of receiving these boxes... your box will be filled with surprises. This is a great deal for a monthly fee of $15.00.

Craft Trimming Kit - As a fellow designer I felt a need to provide all of my goodies to those who craft using all types of trimmings from lace to ribbon, rhinestone strands to pearl trimming.  We have tons of craft stock available.  For $20.00 we are treating you to some amazing trimmings.  We are so confident that we know you will purchase more kits.  These boxes will be filled with lots of goodies. We package each individual set of items so that nothing is tangled.  Some months may include one or more extra items.