XLarge - Fits 14"

Our masks are handmade, durable, washable, reversible, breathable and made in 2 different styles. 

The first style mask is made with 100% cotton on both sides with a muslin filter inside so there is no need to add an extra mask as most people do for added protection. 

The second style mask is made with one side 100% cotton and the other 100% cotton flannel which acts as a filter.   

We have 5 sizes available.  

XS - Kids Small 9.5" - 10"
S - Kids Medium 10.5" - 11.5"
M - Preteen 12" - 12.5"
L - Average (Women/Teen (boys or girls) 13" - 13.5"
XL - Plus Size 14"

We can create smaller or larger sizes but upon special request.  They are considered custom sizes and will not reflect sale pricing.  All pricing are for ready made masks only.  

It is important to note the size when ordering from our live shows.

In order to get the correct size, we recommend that you measure from the back of one ear across your nose and to the back of the other ear.  It is best to use a measuring tape but if you do not have one, you can measure using a string and putting it onto a ruler for the sizing. 

Doing so will provide you with the correct size you need.