About Us

Enchanted Bella Boutique was created out of a lesson learned from everyday life.  

Melinda, CEO and Designer of Enchanted Bella loved to craft since the young age of 4 years old.  Always getting into trouble for collecting a bunch of sticks from the outside and stock piling them throughout the house. Who knows what she was trying to create but since a very young age, she was always thinking or getting into something.  

At the age of 9 she helped create a bunch of paper flowers and decor for her cousins baby shower.  Needless to say it was a hit.  She just couldn't put the crafts down. 

As the years passed, she grew and put crafting aside because life took over.  At the age of 18 her fiance was killed by a drunk driver and she was 2 months pregnant at the time.  A series of unfortunate spiraling events took place for several years and suffering from many medical issues,  the one thing that helped was getting back to crafting.  Crafting became her therapy and occupied her mind to the point she wanted nothing more than to learn more and more.  

What started off as a craft became a love affair with the notion of starting a business and helping others build. 

Enchanted Bella was created out of the love of crafts, determination to get through the heard times and the gift of being able to create art.  

Enchanted Bella Boutique is a company that embodies love of the arts, the need  to be different with a touch of vintage and shabby chic designs.  Enchanted Bella Boutique is children's boutique with a primary focus on custom creations.

Melinda wants to be a role model for many kids and adults who feel like that cannot do it.  She wants to give them the push they need to say.... YES I CAN DO IT. 

Her father has one very famous saying that will always live on... THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CAN'T.  She lives every day with that phrase in mind pushing herself to the limit.

Our Motto is set in stone.... Design, Create and Inspire....

The breakdown is simple.... Melinda believes that we design the paths of our lives and have the ability to create and become anything we want to.  In the process of building, we must always inspire others and help lead them to leaders of today and tomorrow. 

I, Melinda, CEO and Designer of Enchanted Bella Boutique, am very proud of what I have accomplished and created.  I am still learning and creating and always listening to my customers. 

When you shop with Enchanted Bella Boutique, you are shopping at an online boutique that actually cares and listens to our customers.  I welcome feedback, suggestions and I always try to be 100% transparent with my customers.  We are committed to offering you an experience when you shop with us.  


Our Products


Consider us a specialty boutique with whimsical and vintage inspired custom creations. With lots of ruffles, lace, glitter and rhinestones we love our little darlings to shine.


A little girl should always feel beautiful inside and out.  We create tutu dresses, tutu's, hair accessories, room décor and centerpieces that reflect the personality of your darlings and theme of the event. Would you like to feel like a princess everyday, we have a wide arrange of "Princess Crowns", "Wands" and "Princess Tutu Dresses. We have many readily available custom created items for immediate purchase.  You can use our tutu dresses or tutu's for your school portraits, family pictures, holiday or events, dress up, a night out or dance rehearsals. 


We have created many different centerpieces and party items for any occasion and this includes weddings and bridal showers. Although we are considered a princess boutique, we do tend to all types of events. 


Operation Give Back


Positive Energy, Fun & the ability to GIVE BACK

We encourage the power of "positive energy".  Your little girls will feel great dancing around in their tutus and dresses.  Our line of products are great for weddings, birthdays, specials events, dance recitals, dance rehearsals and especially for dress up.  What little girl doesn't like to dress up?


Giving back is one of our top priorities.  We hope that we can create the brand and build up our company enough where we can give back to different communities.  As the founder, I have spent many years as a volunteer for non-profit companies and in doing so, I've learned that the impact one can make is powerful.  You can change the life of a child even by doing the simplest of things.  


Currently we have provided merchandise for many school fundraisers and offer fundraiser ideas that will bring about successful results.


Additional Information about Melinda? 


Melinda graduated with honors with a degree in Criminal Justice and a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  Her parents are also college graduates, have been married for more than 40 plus years.  They feel in love in college and both graduated with honors.  Her grandparents, many family members and several friends are entrepreneurs.  She always surrounds herself with positive, like minded people.


Melinda was always blessed with the gift of crafting.  Some may say the gift is inherited, as many of her family members are some of the most incredibly creative people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting.


She devoted over 10 years as a volunteer working with non-profit organizations dealing with troubled kids looking for a better way.  These kids were and still are absolutely incredible and have accomplished a lot in s small amount of time.  The best way to reach a child who thrives off the arts is to be artistic yourself and share your gifts. 


During some of the most darkest moments in her life, she turned to arts as a form of therapy which has made her stronger and more determined.   


With the goal to eventually open up her own non-profit working with kids, she started a business that has the ability to give back in other ways.  We have since developed the "Enchanted Bella Boutique Fundraising Program" in order to give back to the community.  

Her advice to others:


When you believe in something, don't give up. Do what you must to get to that point so long as you do not hurt yourself or others along the way. People will discourage you, tell you to give up and say you can't do it. Your job is to prove them wrong.  Life cannot be seen through rose colored glasses. In order to achieve your dreams, you must struggle. Great reward never comes easily. You must sacrifice to reap the rewards.