Other Types of Fundraisers - Let us help raise money for your cause.

Shop to Raise Money

Fundraising Shoppers Events

Try something different?  Host a shoppers fundraising event & get 10% from the total sales made during the time of your Fundraiser Event.

Online shopping is simply the way to go.  You can roll up on a comfy chair in your pj's and shop till you can't shop no more.  More and more people steer away from going to the stores because they hate the long lines or simply put, they are too tired from working a long day to go out and shop.  

We have turned an everyday phenomenon and turned it into something great.  If you have an organization that you need to raise funds for please provide us with the following information: 

  1. Name of organization/school/charity

  2. Name of contact person

  3. Address of organization/school/charity

  4. Telephone number of contact person

  5. Event name

  6. Requested date(s)

  7. Additional information you would like us to know

We will need supporting documents to prove authenticity of your program, organization, etc. 

How do you raise money shopping online?

You will choose a selected amount of dates not exceeding 3 days unless otherwise approved.  During those dates, you will be given a code for everyone to enter during checkout.  This code is specific to your organization.  At the end of your selected days, we will tally up the total for all sales using your code and you will receive 10% of the grand total earned.  

The more events you do with us, the higher the percentage.  

What is the catch?

  1. We DO NOT work with people or organizations that discriminate.  With the way things have been lately, racism has resurfaced and we DO NOT want to work with anyone or organization that spews out negativity of any kind. 

  2. Your event must benefit schools, children or those in need.   

Is there a limit on what is earned?

There is no limit on the amount of money you can earn.  The bottom line is that you will receive 10% of the grand total with any purchases made using your code.  

What are the responsibilities of the host?​ 

We encourage you to advertise and market the event to generate a significant amount of money for your cause.  We do not do the marketing for you so it is important that you let everyone know what you are doing and what is your end goal.  Promoting the event is your sole responsibility and I cannot reiterate that enough.  

What do we provide you with? 

  1. A code to enter upon checkout that will determine monies you will earn. 

  2. A jpeg social media invitation to the event

  3. A PDF flyer with details regarding your event with date(s) 

  4. We will promote your event on all our social media accounts

How long do you have to wait before receiving your donation? 

Donation checks are paid directly to the non-profit organization, school and or charity.  Your check will be mailed to you within 30 days or less after your scheduled event.  Our goal is to provide you with a check as soon as possible. 


Please contact us directly by email or telephone at: enchantedbellaboutique@gmail.com or 516-805-6600