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Bird Reading Pillow

Bird Reading Pillow

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Reading pillows are not just for kids they are for adults too. Imagine yourself on a long ride whether by train, plane or automobile, these are comfy traveling pillows. They are great to hold your novels, adult coloring books, crossword puzzles, or even your journals and planners.Imagine relaxing on the beach, laying down while you cozy up reading a book or simply taking a quick nap while soaking up the sun. These are versatile pillows for any age group. My Pocket Reading Pillows Are The Best!!!Size 14" x 14" They are compact and they can be taken everywhere. Any time is reading time. Have your loved ones insert their favorite book in the pocket and they can read at the park, at a camp, on the beach, on the plane, on the road or just anywhere. They are very plushy and comfortable and make a wonderful little pillow for the long trips in the car. The handle makes it very easy to carry with their favorite book (or favorite little toy). They are unique, colorful and very comfortable. They are custom made, therefore none are the same and they make a very special purchase for the price. The beautiful embroidery designs, patterns and/or sayings make the reading pillows even more special. With all of these special features, these pillows are easily worth double and triple the price. The time it takes to cut the patterns/fabric, sew, embroider, assemble and the precious time it takes to put these together, makes the price super, super great. They are constructed very well and you will be very happy showing off these reading pillows.These pocket pillows are great for birthday presents as you insert what will be their favorite book in the pocket. They are great gifts for yourself, your child, grandchildren, neighbor's kids, nephews or nieces or a child who is hospitalized and still able to spend time reading on their cuddly pillow. This is a very thoughtful gift which will be greatly appreciated.

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