Lucy Perez Custom Listing

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Shoe Ring Holder x2 

Xmas Stickers x2

Santa Clause Personalized x2

Plaster Ornaments: 2 Dogs, 2 Snowman, 4 xmas tree, 4 donuts, 2 round ornaments 

Red Scrunchies with tail x2

Xmas headbands x2

Red Polyester Dress with Sequin Top - Size 6x S. Square 

Letter B x2

Snowflake Ornament Red x2

Glitter Present Ornament x2

DIY Bracelet x2

Baby Shoes Gift Set

Deer Pot Holders x2

Ornament Hooks x2

Llama Ornament 

Tulle Hair Clips: Strawberries in Hot Pink x2 and Yellow x2; Apples in Coral x2, Hot Pink 1 and Turquoise 1; Bows in Yellow x3, Blue x2, and Pink x2; Heart in Coral x2 and Crown in Yellow x2