Michelle Fitzpatrick Custom Order

Michelle Fitzpatrick Custom Order

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This order is for 12 Masks for the price of 10.  White Communion Masks with Gold Thread - Cross with Gold Bless Oisin Phrase with the accent over the 2nd i.  

1 XS Mask 

1 S Mask

10 L Mask

These are handmade, durable, washable and reversible fabric masks. Made with 100% cotton with a muslin filter.  The muslin serves as a filter and extra layer of protection. 

Our Masks are CDC Compliant and we have made them to fit the needs of many of our customers. During the cooler nights you can wear the masks on either side. When it gets hot out or if you have asthma, such as my daughter, we recommend using the masks with the cotton side facing your mouth.

Do NOT put in dryer as 100% cotton shrinks.

There are no returns due to hygienic reasons. Make sure you know the size. Measure from the back of the ear over the nose to the back of the other ear. You will get the measurements doing it that way.

Please not 50% of your order is non-refundable should you not be happy with the order or choose to cancel once the order has begun.