Eco-Friendly Wash Cloths

During these times, people are paying more attention to climate change and trying to do their part by purchasing products that are eco-friendly and reusable.  

All of our Eco-Friendly Products are Washable.  Hang to Dry for better results.   


Our cotton Facial Pads and Wash Cloths are made with 100% cotton flannel and  terry cloth and have a variety of other uses such as using them for surface cleaning, as a dishcloth, quick arm pit clean up to freshen up or for diaper changing.  They feel great on your skin.  They are suitable for use with You can use them to remove your make up using a make up remover cleanser or soap and water as part of your regular skincare routine.  Make sure to wash your facial and body clothes after each use for hygienic reasons.  They are great for any age and the smaller size wash cloths can be used with breast pads. 

    Although our wash cloths are good for any age, our children’s selection of washcloths is great for those fussy children who hate washing their faces.  If they like the look of the washcloth, they may be a bit more accommodating and washing their face or body may be something they end up looking forward to.